Publications of OPS developers


  1.  Balas & Christofides's algorithm paralell implementation to the traveling salesman problem Victor Burhoveckij

Publications in English

  1.  The System for Automated Program Testing. Steinberg B., Alimova E., Baglij A., Morilev R., Nis Z., Petrenko V., Steinberg R. / Proceedings of IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium (EWDTSпїЅ09). Moscow, Russia, September 18-21, 2009 (pp. 218 - 220)
  2.  Dialogue-based Optimizing Parallelizing Tool and C2HDL Converter. Steinberg B., Abramov A., Alymova E., Baglij A., Guda S., Demin S., Dubrov D., Ivchenko A., Kravchenko E., Makoshenko D., Molotnikov Z., Morilev R., Nis Z., Petrenko V., Povazhnij A., Poluyan S., Skiba I., Suhoverkhov S., Shapovalov V., Steinberg O., Steinberg R. / Proceedings of IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium (EWDTSпїЅ09). Moscow, Russia, September 18-21, 2009 (pp. 216 - 218)

Publications in Russian

  1.  OPS-2006/Conference PACO-2006. B. Steinberg, Z. Nis, V. Petrenko, D. Cherdantzev, R. Steinberg, A. Shulzhenko Open Parallelizing System 2006// PACOпїЅ2006/ Proceedings of the III Internetional conference пїЅParallel computations and control problemsпїЅ. V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences. Moscow, October, 2-4, 2006, p. 526-541. (~0,5M).
  2.  OPS-2006. Summer / Computer Science Systems Perspectives. B. Steinberg, Z. Nis, V. Petrenko, D. Cherdantzev, R. Steinberg, A. Shulzhenko. Status and possibilities of Open Parallelizing System (summer 2006). / Sixth International conference "Computer Science Systems Perspectives". Working seminar "Science-based software". June 28-29, 2006. Russia, Novosibirsk, Academic campus. (~0,3M).
  3.  Measure of inaccuracy / Conference PACO-2006. D. Cherdantzev. Automatic measurement of calculations inaccuracy depends on inaccuracy of input data and inaccuracy of rounding in OPS. (~0,3M).
  4.  Transformations correctness / Conference PACO-2006. Zinovij Nis.Automatization of semantic correctness checks. (~0,3M).
  5.  Pipeline starting time pauses / Conference PACO-2006. Roman Steinberg. Calculating starting time pauses for each pipeline in reconfigurable architecture supercomputers taking into account the time to send data. (~0,4M).
  6.  Testing transformations / Artificial intelligence-2004. Boris J. Steinberg, Maria Naprasnikova, Zinovij Nis. Testing OPS program transformations. (~0,2M).
  7.  Sparse matrixes. Boris J. Steinberg. Parallel production of a sparse matrix on a vector. (~0,1M).
  8.  PACO-2008. Reprise internal representation of OPS.. Victor Petrenko. (~0,1M).
  9.  Program parallelization according to SSA-form for arrays (presentation). Vasilij Shapovalov. Telematika magazine. – 2009. (~65K).

Qualifying works and documentation

  1.  Loop transformations. Butov. Automatic distribution and merging of loops. (~0,5M).
  2.  MPI in OPS. Sergej Naumenko. Automatic MPI generation in OPS. (~0,5M).
  3.  OPS internal representation. Victor Petrenko. New OPS internal representation.(~0,4M).
  4.  OPS internal representation documentation. Victor Petrenko. OPS internal representation documentation. (~0,4M).
  5.  OPS Demo. Description. Victor Petrenko. OPS demonstration program. Program description, graphs description, internal representation structure. (~0,3M).
  6.  Dynamic loops parallelization. Alexander Tuzaev. Parallelization of loops with indirect addressing in OPS. (~0,3M).
  7.  Dynamic dependence analysis. Dynamic loop dependence analysis. (~0,2M).
  8.  Graphs visualization. Polina Shaternikova. 3D-visualization of lattice graphs. (~1M)
  9.  Visualization of lattice graphs in OPS. Polina Shaternikova. Examples of 3D-visualization of lattice graphs in OPS. (~1,1M).
  10.  Loop-nests. Mikhail Shilov. Loop-nests transformations in OPS. (~0,8M).
  11.  Lattice graphs. Alexander Shulzhenko. Program dependence analysis intended for parallelizing transformations. (~2,7M).
  12.  Call graph. Call graph visualization in OPS. (~0,4M).
  13.  Strip mining. Applicability of strip mining transformation. (~0,5M).
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